Family Recollections

This page is dedicated to preserving the Edwards genealogy, family stories, and special memories. If you have a family story or fond recollection that you would like to share, please contact us.

Life and Experiences of Elder Lewis Edwards
August 1, 1893

Andrew Jackson Edwards, Sr.
November 1, 1924
Sand Lick
“Pioneer Recollections”, pages 129-130
by Elihu Jasper Sutherland
Reprinted with permission from William Sutherland

Memorial of Sister Bessie W. Edwards
Little Zion Primitive Baptist Church of Dearborn, Michigan
November 30, 1995

Precious Memories of Our Parents, Jean and Elmer Edwards
As read by their six children,
In celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary October 1, 1995

Recollections of My Grandmother Sallie Hay Edwards
By Sallie Counts Compton

Recollections of My Grandparents Ambrose Wilson Counts and Phoebe Edwards
By Carole Robinson
October 2003

Recollections of Bessie Wealtha Hackney Edwards
August 1986 and May 1991

Recollections of Lena Edwards Hobbs
January 1996 and March 18, 1996

The Journey – By Marsha Huss, In remembrance of Bessie Edwards