Brice Hamilton & Sallie Edwards with 12 children 1903
Brice Hamilton Edwards & Sarah “Sallie” Hay & Family
(12 of 15 children), ca. 1903

Front left: Noah, holding son Freddie; Noah’s wife, Crissie, holding son Trigg; Evans (with left hand on father’s Brice’s knee); Brice Hamilton; Watson (standing between his parents); Sallie, holding son Stacy; Jonah (leaning on his father Andy’s right knee); Andy, holding daughter Bertha; Webster (standing between his parents); and Andy’s wife Elizabeth “Liz”

Back left: Patton; Phoebe; Polly; Crissie (in front of Polly); Ambrose and wife Polly; Bruce and wife Aily; Basil (the oldest daughter Clementine is not present and the two youngest, Gracy & Carra not yet born)