Andrew Jackson Edwards & Lucretia Deel Edwards
Andrew Jackson Edwards & Lucretia Deel Edwards ca. 1900

Andrew Jackson Edwards was born on March 9, 1833 in Patrick County, Virgina. He was the son of Lewis and Nancy Howell Edwards. He died on July 12, 1918. Lucretia “Crissie” Deel was born on December 18, 1837 in Russell County, Virgina. She was the daughter of David Widener and Mary “Pop” Anne Colley Deel. Andrew Jackson Edwards and Crissie Deel were married on April 12, 1855 in Russell County, Virginia.

Andrew Jackson and Crissie had the following children:

  1. Pricey Jane Edwards 1856–1897
  2. Brice Hamilton Edwards 1857–1934
  3. Mary “Polly” Edwards 1859-1886
  4. Noah Counts Edwards 1861–1937
  5. Jeremiah Edwards 1863–1936
  6. Lewis Edwards 1865–1865
  7. Nancy Belle Edwards 1866–1929
  8. Clinsy Prutina Edwards 1868–1928
  9. Joshua C Edwards 1870–1928
  10. Matilda Edwards 1873–1957
  11. David Widener Edwards 1875–1948
  12. Alafair Edwards 1877-1953

For more about Andrew Jackson Edwards, please see Andrew Jackson Edwards, Sr., Pioneer Recollections, November 1, 1924.

About this photo: Susan Jurban states, “They both look about 60, so this is probably between 1890-1900, but wonder if this might have been taken the same time when the photo of Brice, Sally and, the 13 children was taken. That photo was ca. 1903, because our Grandpa Trigg was only a baby, maybe ca. 1900 is best.”