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Edwards Photo Gallery

Edwards Genealogy & Family Photo Gallery
Noah M. Edwards & Families
Lucretia "Crissie" Deel
Loretta Ann Epling Hackney
Rhoda Ella Fuller Owens

Noah M. Edwards (1880 - 1931) was married three times. His first wife was Lucretia "Crissie" Deel (1884 - 1916). Noah and Crissie were married on March 22, 1900 and had eight children: Freddie, Trigg, Maude "Maudy", Darcy, Exie, Clara, Rodney and Zola. After Crissie's untimely death at the age of 32, Noah met and married a widow, Loretta Ann Epling Hackney (1879 - 1920) on March 13, 1919. They had one child, Opal. Loretta passed away when Opal was only eleven months old. Noah married Rhoda Ella Fuller Owens (1886 - 1954) on February 28, 1921 and they had three sons, Clayton, Garmon and Clifford.

Noah M. Edwards is the son of and third child of Brice Hamilton Edwards and Sarah "Sally" Hay. In an interview with his son, Trigg, in 1979, Trigg stated that his father had black hair, stood about 5 foot 6 inches and weighed about 145 pounds. His occupation was farming. He had 100 acres in Dickenson County, Virginia on Lick Creek. This property had been given to him by his parents, Brice Hamilton and Sallie Edwards. He supported his family by "survival farming".

Noah Edwards and Crissie Deel Edwards
Noah Edwards and Lucretia "Crissie" (Deel)
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Noah and Loretta Edwards and family
Noah and Loretta
Edwards and Family
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Noah and Loretta Edwards with baby, Opal
Noah and 2nd wife, Loretta Edwards with baby, Opal
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Noah and Ella Edwards and baby Clayton
Noah and 3rd wife, Ella Edwards and son, Clayton
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Exie, Noah Edwards, Clifford and Ella
Exie, Noah Edwards, Clifford and third wife, Ella
ca 1930
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Loretta Epling
Loretta Epling
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Opal & Ken Henning
Opal Edwards & Ken Henning
on their wedding day
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