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Edwards family reunion picnic - ca 1948

Edwards Family Reunion Picnic

Edwards' Picnic, Lola Valley Park, Livonia, MI ca. 1947/48

We have official winners for this mystery photo!

Sarah "Sallie" (Counts) Compton and her daughter, Carole (Compton) Robinson are the official winners for identifying the most people in the above “mystery photo”. Congratulations! Their answer:

Starting left side of picture as you face it:

In front: Clyde Edwards (Evan’s son) holding his son, with his wife, Pauline standing to his left. 2 of their sons are in front of Clyde. Next in front is Dorsey Edwards (Noah’s son)

In back of Dorsey is Stacy Edwards with wife Sindusty to his left & son Goble to her left. In front of Sindusty is their daughter, Gladys, and to her left is Goble’s wife, Theresa. In front of Theresa is Shirley Deel, Aunt Carra’s youngest child. To Shirley’s left and slightly back is Opal (Edwards) Henning (Noah’s daughter) and to her left is Trigg Edwards (Noah’s son). Behind Trigg’s left shoulder is Aunt Carra. Behind her is Trigg’s son Elmer, holding his daughter. To Elmer’s left is his wife, Jean. In back of Elmer & Jean is Ellis Edwards (Evan’s son). To Ellis’ left is Kindred (“Kin”) Deel, Aunt Carra’s husband & to his left is Kenneth Henning (Opal’s husband), holding their son, Kenoah.

In front of Uncle Kin Deel is Joan Edwards (Stacy’s daughter) & to her left (with face mostly hidden) is her sister, Gaynell.

Back to the front of the picture to the right edge: is Zola Edwards (Noah’s son). To his right is his wife, Louise with their daughter in front of her & their son in front of Zola. Standing at Louise’s right is Exie (Edwards) Craine (Noah’s daughter) with her only child, Roger in front of her & her husband, Ted Craine to her right.

Susan Jurban, our family genealogist, also identified most of the people in the photo. With Mary Matthews' help, we believe we have everyone identified in the photo. There is a question about the woman behind Louise Edwards. If you know who this person is, please e-mail:
Elmer Edwards

Sue's list:

Front Row, left to right:
Clyde Edwards (s/o Evans), with 3 sons [holding Feddie Edwards, Clyde Edwards, & John David Kennedy] & wife Pauline, Dorsey Edwards (in tie), Gladys Edwards, Shirley Deel (teen), Theresa Edwards (Goble's wife), Opal Edwards Henning, Trigg Edwards, Cara Edwards, Ted Crain, Joann Edwards, Exie Edwards Crain with son Roger, Louise Edwards holding daughter, Diane’s hand, Zola Edwards with son, David.

Back Row, left to right
Stacey Edwards and wife, Sindusty, Goble Edwards, Linda Edwards in her father, Elmer Edwards’ arms, Ellis Edwards (behind Elmer & to the right), Jean Edwards (wife of Elmer), Kindred Deel (white hair), Ken Henning hold son, Kenoah. [There is a woman behind Louise, Gladys thought this was her sister, Gaynell, but Gaynell told her she wasn't there]

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