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Loretta Ann Epling

Loretta A. Epling

Loretta A. Epling Hackney Edwards

ca. 1898-1900
December 3, 1879 - November 12, 1920
Daughter of James & Didema Mullins Epling
Wife of: 1) George McClellan Hackney, 2) Noah M. Edwards

Family historian, Susan Juban writes of the above picture:
Loretta Ann Epling & George McClelland Hackney m. 12 April 1900 in Buchanan County, VA, and I believe this photo was most likely taken prior to then. She was b. 3 December 1879, so would have been 20 when she married. Loretta's sister, Goldie told me that Loretta taught school prior to her marriage. In the photo, she is holding a book which leads me to believe this photo suggests that she was a school teacher. She looks very young in the photo, probably about 18-20 years, or taken ca. 1898-1900.

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