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Linden Edwards, Jettie Frances Hackney and son, Wilson

Linden Edwards, Jettie Hackney and son Wilson

Jettie (Hackney), Linden Edwards and son, Wilson

Linden Edwards (1905 - 1987) and wife, Jettie Frances Hackney (1907 - 1995) with son, Wilson. Linden is the son of Ambrose Wilson Edwards 1882 - 1960 and Polly Jane Counts 1886 - 1960. He is the grandson of Brice Hamilton Edwards and Sallie Hay. Jettie is the daughter of Loretta Epling and George M. Hackney. They were blessed with the following children:

  1. Ambrose Wilson Edwards
  2. Nelson Carter Edwards
  3. Ulyss Vance Edwards
  4. Linden Gene Edwards
  5. George Edmund Edwards
  6. Gloria Madgaline "Madge" Edwards
  7. Lola Ann Edwards
  8. Johnny Parkis Edwards

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